ArkivDigital online 1.5.3 for Windows and Mac

We recommend our users to keep the software updated to the latest version, for the program to work as well as possible. For Windows and Mac, we have now released the new version ArkivDigital online 1.5.3.

Read about what has been approved in ArkivDigital online 1.5.3.

Link to software update.

The version 1.5 does not include visible changes to the functions of the program (compared to earlier versions). The new system improves the reliability of our service and makes room for future improvements to ArkivDigital online.

Swedish church records

Find your Swedish ancestors in ArkivDigital image database.
Today we have about 50 millions color
images covering various kinds of
historical documents such as church
records, court records and
inventory of estates.


With a ArkivDigital subscription you get:

  • access to about 50 millions color images
  • easy-to-use software to navigate among all the documents
  • hopefully exciting stories about your Swedish ancestors

Swedish Genealogy

Genealogy research is like reading the best of all detective stories knowing that the excitement will never end and You are the main character!

ArkivDigital is the largest private provider of Swedish Church Records and other Historical Records online! All images are newly photographed images of the original document. 




Regular prices
1 week85 SEK
1 month225 SEK
3 months445 SEK
6 months775 SEK
1 year1295 SEK
2 years2195 SEK
Member prices:
DIS year1145 SEK
SSf year1145 SEK
SAG/SC year1145 SEK
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1 SEK = approx. 0.15 USD
SEK: Swedish krona; USD: US dollar
SAG : Swedish American Genealogist
SC : Swenson Center

October 5, 2014

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