ArkivDigital for free November 10-11, 2012

Published 2012-11-06

Now, the summer is over and the days are getting shorter and colder. Take the opportunity to do genealogy research. Instead of reading a detective story, read the old books from the past, in the church records, the court records or other documents where you can find your own story. If you are lucky, you will find an ancestor who left little more imprint behind than just a name and a date, and the more you research, the more "you get to know him or her." It does not matter if he did well or was a thief and bandit, if it was a farmer or a priest. All are equally important to you, it's your ancestors.

ArkivDigital for free this weekend

ArkivDigital invites all who are interested in their own history, free access to all our digital documents on Saturday and Sunday, November 10th until 11th 2012. Take the opportunity to read in Swedish church records, estate inventories, censuses, court records and other interesting documents.

How do I research for free this weekend?

Special offer to the Year-End for approx. $32

You have the option to purchase two affordable subscription from today until November 18th 2012.

You can purchase a subscription that only costs SEK 199 (about $32) and this run from now until the end of this year (to December 31, 2012). The earlier you buy, the more you get for your money. This subscription can only be purchased if you do not have an active (ongoing) subscription. Regular price for a month is SEK 195 (approx. $31).

One year for SEK 995 (approx. $157) and you can buy it, even if you have an active (ongoing) subscription. The new subscription will be on hold and wait until your current subscription has ended. You could never duplicate subscriptions. Regular price is SEK 1195 (approx. $188) for one year.

New version of the software ArkivDigital online

We release a new version of the ArkivDigital online software. All the images we photograph we load automatically in your subscription, but you have to install a new software version of the "reader" (ArkivDigital online). The new version is called ArkivDigital online 1.4.3. This version offers a much better support for English and we also introduce a chat function. This way you can help other genealogists or get help yourself in your own research if you are stuck. Even if the software supports English, you always have to read the old documents in Swedish.

You will find links to the installation files here:

How do I research for free this weekend?


To gain access to ArkivDigital free over the weekend 10th to 11th November, 2012 you have to do a few things. It is not difficult; just follow the steps below carefully.

1. Register with us

  • If you have already registered then proceed to paragraph 2. 
  • If you are not a registered member at our site previously, you have to do this. Go to: and fill in the information requested. Be especially careful to write the correct email address and password you choose. The password must consist of at least 6 characters.


2. Install the program ArkivDigital online,

  • If you do not have the latest version we advise you to install it. The latest version is called 1.4.3. You can see which version you have if you press the Help menu and then click About in the program. 
  • During the installation you will be asked some questions. You must respond to them "in a positive way" and when installation is complete, you will have an icon on your desktop called “ArkivDigital online”. 
  • Double-click the icon to start the program. 
  • Now the login box appears. Fill in your login information (email address and password). Be sure to enter them exactly as you did when you registered - there is an important distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters. If you get an error message regarding your email address, something is not correctly entered. Click to close the error messages and then open the log in box from the File menu and Login. Now the login box appears again. Erase all information and fill in your details again. 


3. Once you have logged in the program opens and you can start researching immediately. 

  • To the left you will find a list of archives. Find "your" church/archive in the list or type it directly into the search box above – the list will be filtered according to what you type. Then click on the name of the Church (parish) in the list to select. 
  • To the right you will find a list of volumes from your chosen parish. Look for the volume you wish to open in the list and double click it with left mouse button to open the volume. 
  • When the volume is opened: To browse in the volume, use the buttons -5, -1, +1 and +5 or make a specific choice in the drop-down-list between the -1 and +1-buttons. 
  • On the installation page you will also find a guide to the program.

How do I order my subscription

If you are not a registered member, you need to register at:

Once you have registered, please follow the instructions below! 

If you are already registered, please log on to our website: and order your subscription by adding your subscription in the shopping basket. Go to checkout and follow the instructions there. 

If you have an ongoing subscription, and you order a new one before the day your current subscription expires, your new subscription will be put on hold until your current subscription has expired.

Frequently asked questions

  • Of course, we extend all current subscriptions by 2 days because of free days (Nov 10-11th 2012).
  • If you have problems with the program and want help. Explain as much about the program and the problem as you can, what version you use, what do you do and what happens? Are there any error messages and what do they say? The more you can tell us, the easier it is for us to respond quickly to you. Use:
  • If you have Autoinlog checked and you get an error message saying “Okänd emailadress eller lösenord” (wrong e-mail address or password), click to delete the error messages and then open the login box again through File menu and then click “Log In”. Now the login box appears again. Erase all information and enter your details again.


See you this weekend in ArkivDigital online.








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