ArkivDigital online demo version

Try Genealogical Research with ArkivDigital

If you want to try ArkivDigital online you can download and install the software without being a registered member. When you log on to ArkivDigital online , enter "demo" as username and password.

The program then starts in demo mode and everything works just like the real version of ArkivDigital online. The only difference is that you can only see the content of Älvsbacka parish in Värmland County and Röke parish in Kristianstad County.

Follow the instructions below to get started:

  1. Install ArkivDigital online, just follow the instructions on the installation page. Click on Guide to get a more detailed installation guide to download and install ArkivDigital online on your operating system.
  2. The first time, immediately after installation the program will start automatically. When the login box appears, fill in demo in both fields.
    Username (e-mail): demo
    Password: demo
    The next time you want to use ArkivDigital online you should start it by double-clicking the "ArkivDigital online"-icon on the Desktop.
  3. Find the Älvsbacka parish or Röke parish in the list of archive holders.
    Click on the name Älvsbacka to see what volumes are available from Älvsbacka Parish on the right hand side.
    Double click a volume to display the pictures within that volume.
    Note: If you don't have the letter "Ä" on your keyboard you can type: "lvsbacka" without the letter "Ä" (A umlaut)


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