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For individuals

AD OnLine - 1 week85 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - 1 month225 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - 3 months445 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - 6 months775 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - year (members DIS)1145 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - year (members SAG/SC)1145 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - year (members SSf)1145 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - 1 year1295 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - Stockholders in ArkivDigital 2 years1845 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - 2 years2195 SEK [BUY]

ArkivDigital accept VISA and MasterCard.


1 SEK = approx. 0.16 USD
SEK: Swedish krona; USD: US dollar
SAG : Swedish American Genealogist
SC : Swenson Center
DIS : Föreningen DIS - Datorhjälp i släktforskningen
SSf : member in a society connected to the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies

1 week – 7 days
1 month – 31 days
3 months – 91 days
6 months – 183 days
1 year – 365 days
2 years – 730 days

As soon as we receive your payment, your ordered subscription days will be available. If you currently have some remaining subscription days from a previous order, the newly ordered days will be added to your current subscription.

If you want to order a subscription for a Public Computer in an Institution, an Organization or in a Library, please contact us for assistance.



Currency (kr)

All currency in Swedish Kronor (SEK).
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