ArkivDigital online subscriptions

For individuals

AD OnLine - 1 week85 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - 1 month225 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - 3 months445 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - 6 months775 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - Stockholders in ArkivDigital 2 years1095 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - year (members DIS)1145 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - year (members SSf)1145 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - year (members SAG/SC)1145 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - 1 year1295 SEK [BUY]
AD OnLine - 2 years2195 SEK [BUY]

ArkivDigital accept VISA and MasterCard.


1 SEK = approx. 0.16 USD
SEK: Swedish krona; USD: US dollar
SAG : Swedish American Genealogist
SC : Swenson Center
DIS : Föreningen DIS - Datorhjälp i släktforskningen
SSf : member in a society connected to the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies

You decide when your subscription should start
The first time you log on to
ArkivDigital online, you must activate your subscription. Your subscription starts the day (and hour) you activate it.

If you have an ongoing subscription, and you order a new one before the day your current subscription expires, your new subscription will be put on hold until your current subscription has expired.
When your current subscription has expired you will be promted that you have no active subscription. To activate, select your subscription from the list and click on the "Aktivera" (Activate) button.

If you don't have an ongoing subscription you must activate a subscription within 4 months from purchase date, otherwise the subscription will automatically be activated after 4 months.

If you want to order a subscription for a Public Computer in an Institution, an Organization or in a Library, please contact us for assistance.



Currency (kr)

All currency in Swedish Kronor (SEK).
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