How do I research for free this weekend?

Are you already a registered user of ArkivDigital, and have installed the latest version of our software?
Start the program and log in as usual to get access to ArkivDigital for free this weekend, Mars 19-20 2016.

Is this the first time you use ArkivDigital?
There are a few things you need to do, to get access to ArkivDigital for free this weekend, Mars 19-20 2016. Just follow the instructions below.

Register with us

If you are not registered with us previously, you will have to do the following; Go to the register form and fill in the information requested. Be especially careful to write the correct email address and password you choose. The password must consist of at least 6 characters and/or numbers. If you have forgot your password  please go to this page.

Installation of ArkivDigital

To browse and read our digital documents (like Swedish church records and inventory of estate) you need to install our software.

Click on Download in the table below to download and install ArkivDigital for the operating system you are using.

Click on Guide to get a more detailed installation guide to download and install ArkivDigital on your operating system.

Operating systemVersionDateDownload 
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 1.5.4 2015-06-02 Download Guide
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher 1.5.4 2015-06-02 Download Guide
Linux 32 bits Intel/AMD 1.4.4 2013-11-27 Download Guide
Linux 64 bits Intel/AMD 1.4.4 2013-11-27 Download Guide
iPad 1.1.2 2013-03-14 Download Guide

During the installation you will be asked some questions. You must respond to them "in a positive way" and when installation is complete, you will have an icon on your desktop called “ArkivDigital online”. Double-click the icon to start the program.

If you do not have the latest version we advise you to install it. The latest version is called 1.5.4. You can see which version you have if you press the Help menu and then click About in the program.

Log in

To start ArkivDigital please double-click the ArkivDigital online icon on your computer desktop. Now the login box appears.

Fill in your login information (email address and password). Be sure to enter them exactly as you did when you registered - there is an important distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters. If you get an error message regarding your email address, something is not correctly entered. Click to close the error messages and then open the log in box from the File menu and “Login”. Now the login box appears again. Erase all information and fill in your details again.

Start researching

Once you have logged in the program opens and you can start researching immediately. Please read the user guide to learn how to use ArkivDigital. Below you find a quick guide to how you use ArkivDigital:

  • To the left you will find a list of archives. Find "your" church/archive in the list or type it directly into the search box above – the list will be filtered according to what you type. Then click on the name of the Church (parish) in the list to select.
  • To the right you will find a list of volumes from your chosen parish. Look for the volume you wish to open in the list and double click it with left mouse button to open the volume.
  • When the volume is opened: To browse in the volume, use the buttons -5, -1, +1 and +5 or make a specific choice in the drop-down-list between the -1 and +1-buttons


Frequently asked questions

I have tried ArkivDigital for free this weekend. Do I need to unsubscribe or pay for a subscription?

No. The night between Sunday and Monday we close the free access automatically. If you want to continue using ArkivDigital you need to purchase a subscription and you can do this here. If you don't want to continue using ArkivDigital you don't have to do anything.

What happens if I already have an active subscription?

Nothing will happen if you already have an active subscription; you can continue to do your research as usual. The free days give new customers a chance to discover ArkivDigital. Earlier customers, who haven't had a subscription for a while, are given the chance to rediscover ArkivDigital.

What should I do if I get the error message "Okänd emailadress eller lösenord" (wrong e-mail address or password)?

If you get an error message saying “Okänd emailadress eller lösenord” (wrong e-mail address or password), click to close the error messages and then open the login box again through File menu and then click “Log In”. Now the login box appears again. Erase all information and enter your details again.

Where do I find the user guide?

You find the user guide here.

Where can I read more about which books you have digitalized?

You can get more information about ArkivDigital image database here.

How do I contact your customer service?

If you have any problems with the program and want help: Please try to explain as much as you can about what happends, what program version you use, what you did when it happend etc. Are there any error messages and what do they say? The more you can tell us, the easier it is for us to respond quickly to you. Use:



63 510 923

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