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ArkivDigital online is a subscription service that makes it possible to have access to the whole ArkivDigital image database of Swedish church records and other historical records via the Internet. ArkivDigital has developed the software called ArkivDigital online through which you communicate with the database and work with the documents (images). It has many features like pan, zoom, rotate, print and more to make your research easy. The software ArkivDigital online is continously developed. 

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ArkivDigital online is a simple, functional and user-friendly software making it easy to find what you are looking for. When you've found the volume you want to work with, just double click on the volume. The first page of the volume will then open as a new tab and you can start reading. One of the advantages of ArkivDigital online is that you can have multiple volumes (tabs) open at once and easily jump between them.


Regular prices
1 month295 SEK
3 months495 SEK
6 months895 SEK
1 year1395 SEK
Special offers:
ArkivDigital All-in-One 1 year1560 SEK
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1 SEK = approx. 0.124  USD
SEK: Swedish krona; USD: US dollar


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