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Try Genealogical Research with ArkivDigital

If you want to try ArkivDigital online you can download and install the software ArkivDigital, for no charge. The only difference compared with the subscription version is that you can only look at the images from Älvsbacka parish in Värmland and Röke parish in Kristianstad county. However, you will see all the arcives and volumes, but you will only be able to view the images in Älvsbacka and Röke.

To get started, follow these instructions:

  1. If you do not have an ArkivDigital accont, register as a member here.
  2. Install the program ArkivDigital, just follow the instructions on the instruction page.
  3. Start the program. On Windows, you can double click the ArkivDigital icon on your computer´s desktop.
  4. In the login box, enter your email address and your password that your registered with.
  5. Click on "Search archives" on the start screen.
  6. Click on "Search archives document" on the search page and enter Älvsbacka or Röke in the search box. Select and open a volume to view the images.

a. (Note - you don´t have the letter "Ä" on your keyboard you can type: "lvsbacka" without the letter "Ä" (A umlaut).



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