Late 1800’s Death Record Example

Below is a death record from the late 1800’s in Farhult parish in Malmöhus County. Many of the death records after 1860 are standardized similar to the record below. However, note that this is not true for all death records in the late 1800’s. This is a guide to what many death records look like in this period. In the record below the complete death entry is shown on both the right and left side of the page. Following the record, you will find a transcription and translation for the heading and column headers. Following the column headers, you will find a bigger image of each side of the entry with a translation.

Farhult FI:2 (1861-1888) Bild 42 / sid 39 (AID: v109956.b42.s39, NAD: SE/LLA/13079)

Heading Transcription
1874 års Död- och Begrafnings-Bok för Farhults Annex Församling.

Heading Translation
1874 year’s Death and Burial Book for Farhult’s Annex Parish

Tip – The death books are usually arranged in chronological order. When searching for a death record the steps are:

  • Search for the death parish book
  • Open the death book and then search for the year
  • Search for the death record within the death year’s records

Column Headings  
Swedish English
Inskrifnings-nummer Entry Number
Döds (Månad, Dag) Death (Month, Day)
Begrafnings (Månad, Dag) Burial (Month, Day)
Kön (Man-, qvin-) Sex (Male, Female)
Den aflidnes The deceased
namn, stånd, embete, yrke, nationalitet och trosbekännelse (om främmande) samt, för minderåriga, föräldrars namn, yrke och hemvist Name, position, state, occupation, notionality and faith (if foreigner) along with for minors, parents' name, occupation and residence
Tillhör Adeö Belong to the Nobility
Ålder vid dödsfallet (År, mån, dag) Age at death (Year, month, day)
Icke gift, gift, enkling, enka Not married, married, widower, widow
Dödsorsak Cause of Death
Enligt betyg N:o According to the certificate number
Af läkare By the doctor
Af Barnmorska By the midwife
Döde Death
Välgörenhets-, sjukvårds-, straffanstalt, annorstädes (allt utom församlingen) utomlands. Charity, hospital, prison, anywhere (all except the parish) abroad (outside Sweden)
Folio uti husförhörsboken Page out of the household examination book
Serskilda anteckningar Special Remarks

Translation of Left Side of Page

Entry # 12
Death Date April 4, 1874
Burial Date No entry (see right side entry)
Sex Male (entry in Male Column notres male)
The deceased Sjöman (seaman) Axel Andersson på (at) Farhults sockens grund
Nobility No entry (the family does not belong to the nobility)
Age at death 19 years, 9 months, 22 days
Marital status Ogift (Unmarried)

Translation of Right Side of Page

Cause of Death Gula Febren (Yellow fever)
Certificate Number No entry
Death Place I Rio Janeiro enl. dödsattest (in Rio de Janeiro according to the death certificate)
Page in Household Examination Book Page 391
Special Remarks No entry


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