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the Swedish county Älvsborgs län.
ArkivDigitals bilddatabas från Älvsborgs län

Offical documents from Älvsborgs län are stored in Regional archives in Göteborg.

Church records

  • Church/parish records from the earliest times to about the year 1941 (or as far as rule of secrecy allows) (household/congregation, migration, birth, marrige and death records). Photographing of the years 1942-1946 (or as far as rule of secrecy allows) is in progress right now.
  • Statistiska centralbyråns (SCB; Statistics Sweden) extracts from birth, marriage and death records from the years 1925-1947
  • Parish meeting records
  • Supplement to migration records frfrom the earliest times to about the year 1825

Estate inventories

  • Estate inventory from the earliest times to about the year 1960
  • Regional archive's registers of estate inventories
  • Estate inventory (nobility) to about the year 1916

District courts/Court of Appeal

  • Göta Hovrätt (court of appeal) restored court records from the earliest times to about the year 1730
  • Court records Bjärke häradsrätt (district court) 1607-1829
  • Court records Kinds häradsrätt (district court) 1598-1775
  • Court records Väne häradsrätt (district court) 1656-1702
  • Court records Alingsås rådhusrätt och magistrat (district court) 1630-1726 and 1754-1793
  • Court records Borås rådhusrätt och magistrat (district court) 1680-1900
  • Court records Ulricehamns rådhusrätt och magistrat (district court) 1575-1719
  • Court records Åmåls rådhusrätt och magistrat (district court) 1710-1719, 1728-1800 and 1808-1815

Supreme court

  • Protocols 1694-1800

Tax/census records

  • District taxation registrar's (Swedish: häradsskrivarens) copy from the earliest times to about the year 1820
  • Tax/census records "Mantalslängder 1642-1820 Älvsborgs län"
  • Tax/census records the year 1941


  • General Musters lists for the regiments that have existed in this county
  • The Army's Lists 1620-1723 ("Rullor 1620-1723")
  • Stamkort (cards with information about men that have been doing their military service) for people enroled approximately 1902-1950
  • Lists of qualifications
  • Qualification books (meritband) 1757-1883 (from the archives of the army's pension fund)
  • Lists of retired soldiers (Swedish: gratialister) (from Krigskollegium Krigsmanshuskontoret)
  • The Navy's Lists from about the year 1635 to about the year 1915
  • Boatman rolls (from the end of the 19th century)
  • Musters lists for ships 1689-1873
  • The Navy´s lists of qualifications
  • Lists from the Navy's pension fund ("Flottans pensionskassa")

Göteborg's cathedral chapter

  • General documents to records from the earliest times to about the year 1760

Skara cathedral chapter

  • Journal of vaccinated in the entire episcopate 1805-1830
  • Announcement of marriage in the entire episcopate 1787-1794

Sailor records (Swedish: Sjömanshus)

  • From the earliest times to about the year 1886

Prison and arrest

  • Lists of prisoners (from the Office of the Chancellor of Justice) 1750-1825
  • Lists of prisoners from the earliest times to about the year 1940

Aerial photographs

  • Aerial photographs (farms, cottages, villas, industrial premises etc.) from the 1950's to the present day. 

Other records

  • Family name registers -1800
  • Regional archive's registers of the cities church records.
  • Various documents from the city archives of Borås

Right now we are photographing

  • Church records -1946 (see detalied information above, under the heading church records)
  • Protocols concerning property deals (restored from Svea Hovrätt) 1701-1750



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